Mixyt stands for mix youtube. It simulates a simple Dj mixer to function with youtube. With mixyt you can quickly search youtube, locate your favorite video - song, get its related videos (songs), add them into a playlist, navigate through your previous searches with ease. Mixyt has two players so that you can mix the audio between videos (songs). Play, Stop and the Crossfader are the essential tools of accomplishing this task. An advanced caching technic always takes place behind the scene to minimize youtube search delays. Of course you may save your list, so that you can access it anytime. Mixyt has an autopilot (playlist mode) to automatically crossfade one video after another in playlist. This way you may just leave it to play your favorite playlists in the most efficient way. Finally, all youtube playlists in your account, plus the classic playlists (Uploads, Likes, Watch later, etc) are available from the main menu. The most functions are available through keyboard shortcuts to maximize your performance! Forget those two browser windows and enjoy mixyt...

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Explore your Dj inside you

Mixyt gives you the freedom and speed to fast iterate through you favorite songs and their related videos of their related videos... to get new ideas and find new songs that inspire you...


Mixyt has two players that you may use to play one video-song after another by crossfading the audio between them. Forget those two browsers. Do it with the mixyt way...


Mixyt is really fast. You can search youtube videos-songs and iterate through your search history without any connection delays. An advanced caching mechanism always takes place behind the scenes.
Save, Load, Play your playlists with a simple click.
All functions are assigned to keyboard shortcuts.

Auto play

Mixyt has an autopilot! Load your list and let mixyt play all the videos by applying a crossfade. Enjoy your favourite music like you were be listening it to the radio.


Please feel free to contact us at: mixyt@wide.gr