AnyMP3 application batch converts any media file under the sun, into the famous mp3 file format. It is compatible with all players (software or hardware). Videos, podcasts, flac audio, wav, aif recordings, anything can be converted to mp3. You can define your favourite encoding presets in the preferences. These can include constant (CBR) or variable (VBR) bit rate encoding, quality, audio normalisation, silence trimming, fade in or fade out durations.

Supported files include (and not limited to), avi, mkv, flac, mp3, mp4, wma, m4a, wav, flv, vid, mpe, mov, 3gp, and more...

Normalise audio: AnyMP3 will perform (if selected) an audio peak normalisation while encoding the files to mp3. If you have a media file, a video for example, that its volume is low, you can use this option. The maximum peak of the resulting mp3 file will be zero dB. No clips will be occurred.

Trim Silence: In many cases recordings have a leading or trailing silence of several seconds. Use this option to safely trim the silence at the beginning and end of the audio.

Fade In/Out: This option is very useful for ripped mixed tracks (e.g. CDs) where the audio tracks are being interrupted (while changing track number). Using fade in and fade out capabilities, the resulting mp3 files will be faded in and out, generating a much more pleasant result.

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